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An eCommerce website has become a necessity for various businesses. It helps to show your presence in online world. An amazingly created e-commerce website can be a powerful selling machine. At Simple Marketing, we understand the importance of an online store or an e-commerce website. So we offer best e-commerce design and development services to our clients. Our clientele has both large and small enterprises. You can hire dedicated and skilled Web Builder Rexburg with best web Design Company. You can get customized eCommerce web design Rexburg and development services for your business.



An ecommerce website is not just enough to gain online visibility and sales. You have to choose good digital marketing services to promote your business website. Online promotion is very much important. You have to enhance your online presence to make the people aware about your products and services. If you have started a new business, then it can bring magical results for your business. You can take your business to next level by using online promotion tactics wisely.

Promoting your business well plays major role in its success. In current scenario, the scope of marketing has expanded to digital world as well. Digital marketing is the best way to promote your business online.
Getting a website launched does not suffice for promotion. By creating a website for your company, you have just made an entry in digital world, where there are several other websites, just as yours.

Now you must be wondering that what else is required to promote the business online. If yes, then here is the answer. All you need to do is to promote your website in this digital world that is internet. There is an entire process designed for promotion of websites and that is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We offer SEO services Idaho and social media services to promote your website.


Different Low Cost ways to promote your business

If you don’t have wads of cash to spend on promoting your business in the early stages of your startup, then you should try some low cost ways. There are so many effective ways to get your brand out there. Earlier people used to use cheap and traditional marketing methods such as fliers and local events. But now with the easy access of internet, you can find various kinds of opportunities for Marketing Rexburg. You just need to check out the below mentioned ways to make it happen.


Get a website

You need to choose a reliable and affordable web design company or a freelance web designer to get your business website designed.

Local listing:

Once you get a website you need to use the big local listing services. You can register your business with Google places, Yahoo and Bing. People can easily find your business on Google searches. Registration on these sites is free. This is very simple process; you just need to fill the form get your business verified via confirmation process.

Embrace Social Media:

Social media is an important tool to gain exposure. You need to spend lots of time on social media sites to promote your business. You can create your own business page on Facebook and tie in offers and ads over it. LinkedIn and Twitter are also the great channels to connect with your customers by company or personal level. This can be very helpful for your start-up. You can also hire a reliable company such as Simple Marketing. It offers affordable yet effective social media services for every sort of business.

SEO your business website

It is a world of constant Googling and we cannot underestimate the power of Search Engine Optimization Process. You can lots of tutorials and SEO videos to know more about the process. You can hire a good company that offer cost effective SEO services Idaho.

There are many more effective ways to promote your business.

Marketing: an Important Tool to make your business successful

Marketing is very important for every sort of business. This is equally important for a well established business as for a start up businesses. You should promote your business online and offline. You can make people aware about your brand or market entry with the help of promotion. There are lots of marketing techniques that people use. Some people prefer offline marketing such as TV ads, Radio ads, Brochures, retail store displays and Newspaper ad. Offline marketing is important but online promotion is also mandatory in order to grab the attention of large number of people. Online Marketing Rexburg can take your business to next level.

If you don’t have a business website, then first of all you need to look for a web design company. Your business website can be a great online marketing tool that makes people aware about your products or services. You should look for an experienced web designer to get your website designed. Once your website designing get completed, you should look for another online marketing services including social media services and SEO services Idaho. SEO and SMO can be the best approaches to grab your target market. These are two important marketing processes that help you identify your target market and audience.
Web development company Idaho
You can hire a reliable digital marketing agency which can offer best yet cost effective SEO and SMO services. You can connect with your potential customers via various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Search engines also play very important role in driving massive traffic to your website. If you really want to enhance your online presence then brand promotion is must. Simple marketing is the best digital marketing agency in Idaho. Here you will get experienced and skilled web designers, SEO and SMO experts to offer you quality services.

A complete online business marketing package

Are you a business owner and want to spread your business worldwide? If yes, then you should have a business website. Without business website you cannot reach to next level. This is the best marketing tool that let you display your products and services in very well and informative manner.

Simple marketing is a web design company but it has the team of professional and experienced web designers who understand the value of SEO friendly and User friendly website. A website is an important marketing tool to promote any business. An alluring and attractive website is not just enough to drive massive traffic to your website. You should also look for lots of methods for Marketing Rexburg. We can provide your social media services to make the people aware about your product and services but you need more than this. A complete online marketing package includes email marketing, blogging, content marketing, PPC, SEO services Idaho, social media marketing, online reputation management and much more.


Nowadays people have started searching for a product or service via internet. They search everything on internet via major search engine, so your website should be SEO friendly. You might be wondering what a SEO friendly website is. A SEO friendly website makes search engine crawlers enable to find and read your web pages easily. It requires some specific points including site hosting, CMS, proper use of tags and anchor text, domain and crawling issues. SEO and SMO are very important marketing tactics that make your audience aware about new updates about your product and services. You should always look for a reliable web design company that offers SEO and User friendly website. You should also look for a company that also provides digital marketing services along with web design and development.

Type of Online Promotion

Internet marketing has become very much important for every business. It makes a business popular online and makes people aware about your product and service. If you have a business website and looking for internet marketing services then you should be aware about all the types of internet marketing. There are lots of types of internet marketing, some of them we have listed below.


This is the process of improving website ranking in organic or unpaid search result. Search engine optimization is used to make your webpage rank higher in SERP to enhance your online visibility. High web page ranking can enhance your online visibility and traffic to your website. You can easily find professional SEO services Idaho at best price.



Pay per Click is the fastest mode to drive massive traffic to your business website or online store. PPC ads can be displayed as video advertising or product listing.

Email Marketing:

This type of marketing can be the private and most direct form of communication. This is the most effective type type of marketing in terms of driving sales.

Video Marketing:

YouTube has become very popular and 2nd largest search engine in world. If you want to deliver right message to right market, then video marketing can be the best way. You can attract right kind of customers with the help of attractive and useful youtube video.


Blog can be a wonderful channel to host articles, podcast, videos and new topics. It helps sell affiliate ads.

Social Media:

Marketers use social channels to promote their business and it can be the best way to drive sale and traffic. You can find social media services in Idaho easily.

If you are looking for best web Design Company and marketing Rexburg, look no further than Simple Marketing. Here you will get team of experienced and creative web designers and marketing professionals.

Find right designing and marketing solutions for your business website

Are you planning to get designed a business website? If yes, then you look for the best web design company that also offers marketing services such social media services, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, online reputation management and SEO services Idaho. A web design and development company is worthless without a marketing company. Online marketing has become very important to enhance online presence of your brand or business website.


You can easily get designed and developed business website, but its promotion is needed to count the business success. You need to do some efforts to make the people aware about your business website. Once people reach to your website, they would know about your services or products. Search engines and social media networks are the best mediums to drive traffic to your website. An online marketing agency can help a lot in promoting your website.

SEO is the process that helps get your website listed in search results of various major search engines. Most of us choose Google, Yahoo or Bing to find out any service provider or product; we get some results and reach to the website of service provider. SEO can help enhance your visibility in search engine result pages. It helps drive massive traffic to your website via organic or free listings of search engines. Social media services are also important for your business promotion. A company can manage your social media networks on your behalf and interact with your customers.

You can also get traffic, sales and leads via social media channels. Email marketing, PPC and content marketing are another important ways to promote your website. If you are looking for a company that offers all business solutions under one roof, Simple Marketing can be the best choice. You can get an attractive web designing services along with result oriented online marketing approaches.

Learn How Marketing is Important for your Business Success

Success of your business lies in its promotion and marketing. There are various aspects of your business depends on promotion. The overall business or product promotion process includes sales, promotions, public relation and advertising. You should prepare a strong marketing strategy in order to promote your product or service.

You can promote and introduce your product to potential customers by using right marketing tactics. Marketing Rexburg activities helps identify your target market and audience in Rexburg. If you want to set measurable business goals, it is very important to know your target market. Marketing plan is vital to success of organization.


If you have online store or business website, then online marketing can work wonder for you. If you are a start-up or small company, website promotion is must for you. It brings traffic to your website and makes the people aware about your product or service. You better look for the internet marketing agency which provides you best online marketing services. A marketing company should be good at market research as it plays very important role in identifying your target market.

Once you identify your target market and potential customers, it would be easy for you to promote your business online. There are lots of ways to drive massive traffic to your website and SEO is one of them.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is associated with processes that help bring traffic to your site via major search engine. If you are looking for the best and reliable SEO Company in Idaho, look no further than Simple Marketing. This is the best online marketing agency that offers white hat SEO services Idaho and use various platforms and digital channel to promote your brand. It helps builds profits and sales, enhance traffic, offer appropriate information and increase brand awareness.

How Digital Marketing Services can be Helpful for Your Businessf

Simple marketing is a reliable and best digital marketing and web development company Idaho. If you are thinking about improving your search engine ranking and online presence, we get you noticed online. Our digital marketing Idaho service is the best solution to promote your business online as we use customer centric approach. This is just a means of inbound marketing approach using digital channels to market your services to consumer and businesses.


How Digital Marketing Services can be Helpful for Your Business:

  • Digital marketing services make it easy for you to manage your business and monitor it.
  • It helps elevate your brand publicity, increase productivity and grow your revenue faster.
  • It is more effective than traditional marketing
  • It facilitates interaction with targeted audience
  • It caters to the mobile consumer
  • It builds brand reputation
  • It helps you earn people’s trust
  • It ensures online business survival

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a full service across digital marketing including content marketing, campaign marketing, e-mail marketing, e commerce marketing, SEO, SMO, SEM, Paid search and display Ads.
  • We are offering transparent and well-rounded digital marketing services across a broad spectrum of industry sectors.
  • We are committed to help our clients to design an action strategy for their growth in the digital domain.
  • We help our clients quantify market potential online and we help them understand the competitor landscape
  • We define digital marketing strategy only after understanding the online market demand, competitor landscape and clients expectation.

Key service areas include:-

  • Market sizing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analyze potential customers
  • Channel selection

How We Work?

  • We create a robust digital strategy that helps us understand the scope of product or service, market size, competitors and work according to it.
  • Our expert team provides expertise across key customer acquisition channels online spanning SEO, SMO, Pay per Click, and Affiliate. We put our best efforts to grow your business online.
  • Audience engagement is very much important and we also work upon it by engaging target audience or potential customers in an entirely new way via all social media networks, such as, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • We also provide market sizing and market-penetration strategies to expand consumer markets by reaching your audience.

How Social Media Services can help promote a business

There are various practices to promote your business online, but social media can be the best approach. You can easily find your target audience and group of people of same interest. SEO services Idaho play  very important role in driving massive traffic to your website via major search engines, while social media services enhances your online presence and drive more traffic to your business website via major social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and much more.


Social media can be helpful for every sort of business whether small or large. You can boost your visibility by keeping people updated about your products and services. If you engage in conversation, you will get new customers and their trust. You can sign up for social media. There are many social media sites that allow users to create their business page. You can list your business in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn.  You can easily manage your business page and add more and more people with your brand by using these social media sites. You can post updates to these sites and add friends and followers. A catchy and alluring post updates compel your friends and followers to enquire about your product and service and you get an opportunity to deal with your audience in real time.

You need to give them a reason to follow you or like your business page. These social media sites let you post each and everything about your business and you can offer valuable information about your brand via these channels. You can post videos, images, text for your audience. This is an easy way to promote your products in various methods. It helps enhance brand awareness and loyalty. Your social presence makes it easy for you to manage your customers.

Why marketing is essential for startups

Many new brands launch everyday and they try to keep pace with dynamic client behavior. New business may face competition with thousands of marketing campaigns. Start ups need marketing operations to promote their products or services. Digital marketing plays very important role in promoting start up business.

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Digital marketing involves true engagement:

Digital marketing is associated with the processes that have the capabilities to transform processes and products through digital channels and technologies. It helps promote your business in cost effective manner.  Digital marketing gives the perfect marketing solution that a start up business exactly needs to get recognized online.  You can look for a good company that offers services like digital marketing Idaho to take your business one step closer to your target audience. SEO services Idaho can help rank your business website high in search results of major search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and much more.

Better Understanding of Customers:

Digital marketing processes like SEO, SMO, and Blog post helps know your customer’s behavior.  Once you know your customer behavior, you would be able to deliver what your customers want. You can track, analyze, monitor and interprets the preferences and buying behavior of your audience.

Startup branding is integral component of company development as it helps a start up establish a brand identity.  Brand of a company is much more than a company logo. The process of advertising and choosing a brand allows an organization to express its business methods and core values.

When you establish a brand it serves as an assurance to clients that a company would be in this business for long time.

You can easily formulate your brand identity that coincides with its goals, values and beliefs. The initial marketing efforts focus on gaining an understanding of clients and their requirements. It helps build good customer relationship. You can interact with clients and know all about their opinion about your product or service. You should look for the best digital marketing company in order to make the people aware about your start up. It may be very beneficial for you and your business.